VC Protect

Defend your everyday

For these challenging times we wanted to provide an affordable, high-quality healthcare range that people could rely on.

So we created one…

Antibacterial Products

We scoured the market to find top quality products and with our deep connections, experience and nimble logistics we were able to quickly source and launch our anti-bacterial range containing a 500ml Hand Wash and both a 50ml and 100ml Hygiene Hand gel.

Face Masks

Next, we researched and sourced disposable facemasks to ensure people were able to protect those around them. The masks in the range are Type I and Type IIR disposable face masks.  Putting these products together, the VC Protect and VC Protect Plus brands were born.

We plan to continue adding high quality products to this range as, alongside the rest of the world, we react to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
We want to ensure that we are providing what it takes for people to be able to defend their everyday in this new normal!

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