Being a design student after just completing your final project is a very (very!) good feeling, but also leaves you with the sinking feeling of ‘…what next?’. A great way to promote fresh student projects and their design ideas is through Dieline’s Student Week. For over 10 years, the team at Dieline have provided design students with a platform to showcase their work to the world, more importantly however, potential employers! This is a great feature on their site and is fascinating to view some fresh new ideas from young/(or old!) designers hoping to make a mark on the world of design.

Below are some of my top picks from this year’s Dieline: Student Week 2020, along with the designer’s summary of design, all taken from Dieline.

Pantone Beauty

Pantone Beauty is a new makeup line that denies the color standard in the makeup eld from Pantone.

By Anqi Qiao

Tint Mints

This project is a design concept for ‘Tint Mints.’ The product is a series of healthy mints in sustainable, recycled matchbox packaging, doing away with plastic and focusing on the material qualities of the mint packaging as an aesthetic accessory.


In a world where natural climate disasters are on the rise, only half of American adults are prepared for an emergency. Simon Huck set out to change that with Judy, a no-nonsense ready kit that would equip families with the right supplies and plans to create the best-case scenario in any situation.

By Simon Huck

GO Groats

They’re fast-compressed, brewed porridge for athletes.” The design of the glasses refers to treads on the soles of a sneaker as the embodiment of the metaphor “grit on the run

By Eugenia Kudrinskaya.

Jeep Voyager Skincare Kit

The Jeep Voyager Skincare kit is a portable introductory kit for the active men and women. It is targeted towards folks in their mid-20s and above who enjoy the outdoors, like hiking, rock–climbing, camping, and off-roading trips. The kit includes: a face cleanser, a moisturizer, and a container with miniature bars of hand soap for the journey ahead.

By Grace Susilo