UK Business Hero Award 2020

We are very proud to have received the UK Business Hero Award 2020 by the Wirral Chamber of

The UK Business Hero Award recognises the hard work and dedication businesses have done and are doing through this challenging year. This award also acknowledges their contribution to supporting their local community and going the extra mile during the pandemic.

“It’s just one year since Vector Consumer was launched and back then our business plan looked very different! However, I am pleased to say that in January when Covid started to take hold over in Asia we were able to help some of our clients out there with sourcing and quickly started helping partners closer to home whilst at the same time continuing to invest in growing our team and develop our new brands, some of which have been launched such as VC Protect and then others that are in the pipeline.

Our aim at Vector Consumer was to be Global from day 1 and I am immensely proud that we achieved that and in such a short space of time we have started to build strong company longevity and receiving recognition through this award of that work is excellent!”

Matt Banks-Crompton,
Managing Director