Whitechapel Centre

VC Protect have been supporting the PPE supply chain since March 2020 and supplied over 1 million masks and approximately 150 million gloves. We have been listening and reading a lot about the vulnerable and those with mental health issues that have been severely impacted by the pandemic, we have learnt that over 70,000 people have been made homeless since the start of the pandemic [The Guardian].

So Matt Banks-Crompton [Managing Director of Vector Consumer] felt that he had to do something, so he did! He pulled the whole team together and asked everyone to provide him with ideas around how we could do our bit to help those that are struggling and less fortunate. We decided to look for a charity to reach out to, as Becky [National Accounts Manager] had an idea of donating masks to a charity where they are needed.

A few words from Matt

kindness is easy

"Whist we are lucky enough to have a roof above our head, let’s not forget the less fortunate. Homeless people are part of our society’s most vulnerable group and are, unfortunately, often marginalised. In these challenging times, it is crucial that we help one another out"

The Whitechapel Centre

We chose the Whitechapel centre as it is the leading homeless and housing charity in Liverpool, and so decided to go on a mission to help out.

David Roper [Volunteer Manager at the Whitechapel centre], said: ‘We currently work with more than 5,000 people in the Liverpool area, among which 80 to 100 are the most vulnerable because they either don’t have an accommodation or live in a temporary one.'

Becky arranged the delivery of 5,000 masks to the Whitechapel centre on the 19th January 2021.

David Roper said: ‘This is such a generous offer; these masks will keep them safer in these difficult times.’

A few words from 'the ideas lady'

Becky [National Account Manager]

“It was really nice to give back to people who deserve it. Funding has been low this year for the Whitechapel and it was an unexpected cost they did not expect to have so it was self-satisfying to be able to help.”